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Data, models, products self-contained classes and their containers

The main virtual base gdata class (dark grey background) represents any data, model or product classes either as self-contained data/product elements or their containers. This class provides a common mutex, glog pointer for common and multi-thread logging and data type or group identification, which is later defined in each derived class.

Self-contained data/products elements (pink backgrounds) provides independent data such as e.g. all observation for a single station, satellite navigation message, RTCM position corrections, polynomials of precise ephemeris valid over a specific time, etc.

The containers (green backgrounds) are usually apply maps defined in a way to easy find the relevant self-contained element (pink backgrounds). In some classes (e.g. gallnav, gallprec) the cache is implemented to speed up the searching procedure, which is always done through an internal (find) function returning a pointer to specific data/product element.

Data, products and container classes
Data, products and container classes