About portal

The portal is designed for interactive browsing of GNSS data quality generated by the G-Nut/Anubis software (http://software.pecny.cz/anubis). Two basic display modes are currently available:

  • Network view
  • Station view

The network view aims at providing overview of selected QC parameters for all (or selected) stations in the network, thus giving a comparable views for groups of stations. The station view provides more detail information with a variety of QC parameters for individual stations or set of stations.

The period can only be set to an interval such as the year (2018), the quarter (2018-Q1) or the month (2018-12). The station can be set to single site or group of sites. The network can be currently set only to pre-defined group of stations.

The QC parameters, which are generally different in both modes, are grouped in three categories 1) summary (over systems), 2) system-specific, and 3) signal-specific (only in station view). Individual systems can be then selected for any system/signal-specific parameter.

The setting enables the definition of number of plots in a single line and the range of y-axis. The latter are pre-defined (default), auto-defined (auto) and user-defined (user).

Interactive charts of GNSS data QC powered by G-Nut/Anubis software.
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