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DOMES number 11503M001
Number in DOPNUL campaign719

Views of the monumentation on the roof of the building B, faculty of civil engineering, Brno University of Technology

In the frame of EUREF permanent network the station is identified by four-character code TUBO. The CERGOP (Central European Reference Geodynamic Project) Campaigns were performed in 1999 and 2001 years at this station for geodynamical investigation in the states of central Europe.

Site coordinates

Y = 599131.63 m X = 1159442.05 m
B = 49 12 23.39419 N L = 16 35 38.96521 E

H = 279.59 m

ETRF89 in epoch 1989.0
X = 4001470.675 m Y = 1192345.334 m Z = 4805795.388 m
B = 49 12 21.20976 N L = 16 35 34.20421 E Hel = 324.374 m
(Results of the estimation of the DOPNUL campaign.)

Map of surrounding of site


= system of Uniform Trigonometric Cadastral Network
Y and X are the orthogonal planar coordinates in the Krovak projection
B and L are the geographic spherical coordinates on the Bessel elipsoid

= European Terrestrial Reference Frame, year of base realization is 1989, the epoch of coordinates is 1989.0
X, Y and Z are the orthogonal geocentric coordinates
B and L are the geographic spherical coordinates on the GRS80 elipsoid
Hel are the elipsoidic height (above the GRS80 elipsoid)

= Baltic Vertical System - After Adjustment
H is the height above sea