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- to determine station coordinates of GOPE and thier time variations to study motion of euroasian plate and intraplate motions, and to define ETRS (European Terrestrical Reference System) in the Czech Republic,
- to monitor state and variations of some of atmospheric parameters, in near-real time,
- to estimate differences in the reference coortinate and time frames WGS84 and PZ90 and GPS time and UTC(SU), under use of by GPS NAVSTAR and GLONASS,
- as a data from a reference station for the differential GPS at the postprocessing way of data execution,
- to orbit determination of low earth orbiting satellites,
- as a reference data to process measurements from low earth orbiting satellites.

Information about monumentation of GOPE station.

GOPE station in information system central bureau of IGS.
GOPE station in information system EUREF permanent network.