Trop-NET structure

The Trop-NET system consists of different modules and tools supporting individual utilization and settings for different scenarios but still keeping common interfaces. Below list and figure show organization (and participations) in different modules currently supported or anticipated in future (marked by dot frames).

Trop-NET scheme
Structure of the Trop-NET modules (central and decentralized)

  • data and product downloads, mandatory precise models mirror (disseminated)
  • GNSS data processing using BSW and BPE (disseminated)
  • troposphere product upload (disseminated)

  • near real-time product monitoring and inter-comparing via web (see monitoring page)
  • software system repository maintenance and dissemination
  • documentation (click for download)

  • evaluation of long-term product quality
  • mail conference
  • ZWD2IWV conversion
  • IWV animation
  • local product monitoring.