GOP-TropDB - database for intra/inter-technique troposphere comparison

The high-performance PostgreSQL database (GOP-TropDB) capable to deal with billions of data records has been developed at the Geodetic Observatory Pecny (GOP) for monitoring and evaluating tropospheric parameters from various data sources - space geodetic techniques (GNSS, VLBI, DORIS), observations (radio sounding, water vapour radiometers, in-situ measurements) and meteorological or other products (numerical weather models, tropospheric augmentation models, climatologic models).

The database was originally prepared for GOP internal tropospheric products evaluation (post-processing, multi-GNSS, near real-time, real-time etc.), but was later accepted to support a development of a routine intra/inter-technique tropospheric product comparison and evaluation within the Tropospheric working group (TropoWG) of the International GNSS Service (IGS). The inter-technique comparisons of GNSS products with similar products available from the International DORIS Service (IDS) and the International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry (IVS) of the International Association of Geodesy are coordinated within the IGS TropoWG too.

GOP-TropDB scheme
Scheme of the GOP-TropDB inputs, outputs and operations