GOP monitoring portal for GRC-MS

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The page shows results of GOP Galileo performance monitoring as a contribution to the Galileo Reference Center - Member States (GRC-MS):

    1) Multi-GNSS reference station data quality control (QC),
    2) Multi-GNSS consolidated navigation data - global BRDC files (,
    3) Galileo/GPS reference products - satellite precise orbits and clock corrections.
    4) Galileo performance monitoring - estimates of Key Parameter Indicators (KPIs).
            a) Service volume performance - availability of PDOP below 6 and Dual-Frequency/DF OS SiS.
            b) Site measured positioning - Horizontal (HPE) and Vertical Positioning Errors (VPE).
    5) Galileo/GPS precise point positioning (PPP).

    ◦ KPIs (pos) - site measured - monthly performance of Galileo epoch-wise station positioning.
    ◦ KPIs (dop) - service volume - monthly availability of at least one Galileo OS SIS dual-frequency (DF) and global mean 3D Position Dilution of Precision (PDOP<6).
    ◦ Navigation data (BRDC) - daily visualization of (recent) navigation data from GOP & CNES BRDC files.
    ◦ Reference products - quarterly/yearly comparison of reference products (precise orbits and clocks) and navigation files.
    ◦ Solution statistics - quarterly/yearly stastics over satellites and stations in GOP rapid solution, satellites and messages in GOP consolidated BRDC.
    ◦ Kinematic PPP - performance of Precise Point Positioning (PPP) in epoch-wise solution.
    ◦ GNSS data quality control (QC) - visualization of quality control of data from GRC-MS reference GNSS stations.

Software used:

    1) GNSS data QC: G-Nut/Anubis and G-Nut's QC Charts
    2) GNSS nav data: G-Nut/Aset
    3) GNSS orbits: Bernese GNSS Software V5.2
    4) GNSS clocks and G-Nut/Sothis
    5) GNSS PPP: G-Nut/Geb
    6) Galileo service volume: G-Nut/Aset
    7) Galileo site positioning: G-Nut/Anubis


    ◦ GSA supporting the GRC-MS project (
    ◦ GRC for valuable feedbacks (GRC_leaflet.pdf)
    ◦ GRC-MS consortium members for efficient collaboration
    ◦ RIGTC supporting GOP’s GNSS activity and Galileo performance monitoring (
    ◦ G-Nut Software s.r.o. for the G-Nut software maintenance and development (