G-Nut/Anubis - satellite elevations and azimuths

If navigation messages are available, Anubis is able to calculate position of satellites and report individual satellite azimuth and elevations. The information is reported in a fixed format applying the user request sampling interval (int_smp="20") and list of all satellites. Azimuths and elevations for individual satellites can be thus easily combined with other parts of Anubis report in order to visualize the results such as code multipath, cycle slips, signal strength, bands etc.

Anubis is able to read more individual GNSS RINEX 2.XX and individual or combined RINEX 3.xx navigation files. Since version 1.3.0, Anubis supports output of merged navigation messages into a single file in the RINEX 3.02 format.

The plot below provides sky plots of all available GNSS constellations and complete them with marking epochs and satellites with a single-frequency observation (in black points), which indicates a loss of dual-/multi-tracking capability.

NOTE: The completeness of the report strongly depends on the quantity and quality of provided navigation messages by user.

Anubis GNSS QC skyplot