G-Nut/Anubis - code multipath statistics

Code multipath statistics are calculated for all pseudo-range codes of all GNSS satellites providing dual-frequency carrier-phase observations. The statistics are represented as the average RMS of code multipath in [cm] calculated after removing a systematic error from the multipath linear combination. Number of epoch used for estimating the systematic error is set via mpx_nep="15". Detection of discontinuities in the multipath linear combination is controlled by a multiplier of sigma (mpx_lim="3"). The configuration sec_mpx="1" sets a low verbosity while sec_mpx="2" provides time- or elevation-dependent estimates.

The first verbosity (list below right & figure below left) show mean code multipath RMSs for available signals and all satellites and elevations. Anubis GNSS code multipath moving RMS average

The second verbosity (list below left & figure below right) show the time- and elevation-dependent code multipath estimates. Anubis GNSS code multipath moving RMS average