G-Nut/Anubis - configuration

Anubis can be started using a configuration file (or standard input) in XML format. The following forms are equivalent:

The basic command-line help can be get using 'anubis -h' and the example (default) configuration can be received via command 'anubis -X'.

The configuration file consists of main element config (not order required) which contains several sub-elements for specific configurations:

  • gen - general settings (interval, constellations, sampling, sites/receivers),
  • gnss - GNSS-specific settings (optional to filter out satellites, observation types/bands/attributes, see RINEX3),
  • qc - quality check settings (verbosity for all sections, specific settings),
  • inputs input files (RINEX navigation and observation files),
  • outputs output files (log, QC extraction and, optionally merged RINEX3 navigation).

Supported GNSS constellations and their augmentations are defined via 3-char abbreviations as follows: GPS NAVSTAR (GPS), GLONASS (GLO), Galileo (GAL), BeiDou (BDS), SBAS (SBS), QZSS (QZS). The example Anubis configuration is following: