Gravimetric station Pecný – GSP

The gravimetric station Pecný at the Geodetic Observatory Pecný of RIGTC in Ondřejov is the research infrastructure of the project CzechGeo/EPOS.

  • Relative superconducting gravimeter OSG-050 manufactured by GWR Instruments, Inc. USA. Since 2007, the OSG-050 provides continuous measurement of gravity variations with sampling rate of 1 sec. Data are available (after registration procedure here, through IGETS data base realized by a FTP server, which can be accessed by .
    Near real-time quality control of data from OSG-050 can be found at SG Noise web page.
  • Absolute gravimeter FG5 No. 215 manufactured by Micro-g LaCoste, Inc. USA has been operational at the Pecný station since 2001. Among others, repeated measurements at the Pecný station are used to determine the drift and scale of the OSG-050. The FG5 No. 215 is the national gravity standard of the Czech Republic, that is ensuring traceability of gravity measurements to SI units with standard uncertainty of 2.4 microgal. Tens of measurements have been carried out in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.
  • Absolute gravimeter FG5X No. 251 manufactured by Micro-g LaCoste, Inc. USA has been operational at the Pecný station since 2014. It is a working gravity standard calibrated by the FG5 No. 215 that has been mainly used for absolute measurements outside the Pecný station since 2015.

Data from rain-gauge, soil moisture and groundwater level sensors are continuously recorded for modelling of local hydrological effects on gravity at the Pecný station.

Data achieved by the combination of measurements from superconducting and absolute gravimeters allow to study gravity variations at wide frequency range caused by numbers of geophysical phenomena (free oscillations of the Earth, Earth tides, mass redistribution in atmosphere and hydrosphere, polar motion, crustal motions).

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